Great tax advice

We can assist you in assuring full tax compliancy in France, and also help with any issues regarding declarations, bills, tax reimbursements. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the taxes you may encounter in France and with which we can help you with.

For private individuals

  • Income tax
  • Taxe foncière

    A land tax, which is paid by the owner of the property.

  • Taxe d'habitation

    A residence tax, if you own a property and live in it yourself (or have it available for your use, or rent it out on short-term lets).

  • Taxe de séjour

    A tourist tax, which is allocated to the development of tourism.

  • ISF

    An annual direct wealth tax on those in France having assets in excess of €1,300,000.

  • Capital Gains Tax

    A tax payable on the sale of land or buildings, on shares, and certain other personal property.

For business

  • VAT

    A consumption tax paid on certain goods and services purchased in France and is included in the sale price of these goods and services.

  • Annual income declaration
  • Import/Export
  • EU exchange paperwork
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